Straight Run Standard Old English Game

Straight Run Standard Old English Game
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Standard Old English Game Fowl Chicken Information:

Standard Old English Game Fowl Chickens are said to be one of the oldest breeds of fowl and noted for their gameness (their courage and indomitable spirit).  The male is very territorial and will defend his ground with other invading roosters.  It is recommended to keep the males separated after six months of age.  Note: All male roosters of any breed will fight; however the Standard Old English Game rooster will fight but not give up unlike most other breeds of roosters.  Blood lines of the Standard Old English Game Fowl throughout history have been used in many of our today breeds of poultry for hardiness and vigor. The Standard Old English Game Fowl are also an excellent choice for someone to have a free range flock of poultry (1 male and 10 hens).  This flock will have a  better chance of evading predators than most other poultry breeds.  Jeff Smith developed and improved on the 18 varieties that we offer for sale with over 38 years of development.  There are 9 varieties admitted into the American Standard of Perfection at this time.  Fighting rooster engravings are found on old Roman coins, was the national sport during King Henry VIII time, Abraham Lincoln refereed fights ("Honest Abe") for fairness as a sporting judge and the University of South Carolina continues with the Game-Cock mascot.

 NOTE: The Old English photos are photographed with comb, ear lobes, and wattles dubbed (cut off).  Entering a poultry show with non-dubbed males of the Old English breed is a disqualification.  You can check your local or state poultry association/clubs for up coming shows and check out your state fair poultry show dates. You would compete for ribbons with other breeds that are listed in the class “All other Standard Breeds”.

Chicken Facts:

  • Weights -   Hen-----4 1/2 lbs             Rooster------5 1/2 lbs
                     Pullet---4  lbs                  Cockerel----5 lbs  

    Purpose -
    Ornamental Exhibition 
    Egg Color -
    Egg Production -
    Poor - 120 eggs per year
    Country of Origin -

     APA: -
    Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection
    ALBC: -
    Watch Status, Considered a sustainable heritage chicken breed.



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