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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top educational Books & DVDs available today. In this category you will find "Books & DVDs". From training tropical birds to cleaning wild game in the field you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

Attracting Birds
Product ID : sb66278
Bird Food Recipes
Product ID : SB 66346
Practical, hands-on instructions.
Easy to Build Birdhouses
Product ID : SB 67233
Help you master dozens of country living skills .
Easy-to-Build Bird Feeders
Product ID : SB 67230
Practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you.
Easy-To-Build Birdbaths
Product ID : SB 67229
Practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you.
Helping Orphaned or Injured Wild Birds
Product ID : SB 67231
Help you master dozens of country living skills
The Quail Manual
Product ID : LR PO6
The Quail Manual
Everything You Never Learned About Birds
Product ID : SB 66345
Amazing facts, fun projects, and fascinating legends
Guide to Better Hatching
Product ID : SB GGTBH
Peafowl Breeding and Management
Product ID : SB GPBM
Raising Ducks and Geese
Product ID : SB 66192
Raising Gamebirds
Product ID : SB 66336
Raptor! A Kid's Guide to Birds of Prey
Product ID : SB 67445
Sexing all Fowl
Product ID : SB GSAF
Swan Breeding & Management
Product ID : SB GSBM
The Hatching Manual
Product ID : LR BG81-2
Hatching Manual
Barnyard in your Back Yard
Product ID : SB 67456
Birdfeeders Shelters & Baths
Product ID : SB 66623
Product ID : SB 66917
Step-by-step illustrations and designs
Bradley Smoker Recipe Book Vol 1
Product ID : BS RECIPE
Recipe Collection - Vol.1
Bradley Smoker Smoking Foods DVD
Product ID : BS BTDVD1
Bradley Smoking and Cooking Outdoors (DVD)
Brower Raising Game Birds
Product ID : BUSA GBVT1
Brower Raising Game Birds VHS - GBVT1 Brower Raising Game Birds DVD - GBDVD1
Hand-Feeding Backyard Birds
Product ID : SB 67181
Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders
Product ID : SB 67137
Designed to Bird-Friendly Specifications
Storeys Guide to Raising Ducks
Product ID : SB 67258
Sweet & Hard Cider Book
Contains information about cider varieties, basic procedures, cider and the...
The Backyard Birdhouse Book
Product ID : SB 67104
Species-appropriate nestbox designs for North America's most fascinating birds.
The Chicken Health Handbook
Product ID : SB 66611
What’s That Bird?
Product ID : SB 67554
BGB Nests Birds Incubators Book
Product ID : BGB BK1BGB
BGB Item#: BK1BGB Nests Birds Incubators Book
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