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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you a selection of great quality and great prices all rolled into one. Whether your looking for companion cages, treats, toys, or bowls- here at Double R- you can feel comfortable buying from people who care!
Umbra Tent Pet Home
Product ID : RF PE-UPET
The Umbra Tent Pet Home is a New Concept in Pet Homes!
Bear Stairs 3 Step Pet Stairs
Product ID : RF DSTAIRS3
Make life easier on your pet.
Big Dog 2 Step Pet Stairs
17" wide for large sized dogs.
Deluxe 3 in 1 Pet Stroller
Product ID : RF PZ-S1208
A great array of safety, comfort and convenience features...
Dog Kennel E-Z Roof
Product ID : RF 9007513
Keep your pet safe and dry.
Extra Tall Freestanding Gate
Product ID : RF XTG
3 feet tall and has an adjustable width of 27.5 inches up to 51 inches.
Medium Premium Plus Dog House
Product ID : RF W-01701
Features solid wood construction for beauty and durability.
Pet Gate N Crate
Product ID : RF MPS009
Now you can have a pet gate and a pet crate with one great product.
PetSafe Dog Kennel E-Z Roof
Product ID : RF 9001010
Keep your pet safe and dry.
PetSafe Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS
Product ID : RF PDT00-12894
Experience a new way to communicate with your dog.
PetSafe Spray Remote Dog Training Collar
Product ID : RF PDT00-11234
A harmless mist helps you train your dog.
PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Training Collar
Product ID : RF PDT00-12470
Looks good and feels good in your hand.
PetStop Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate
Product ID : RF DG2S
This elegant pet gate safely secures dogs at doorways without the need to...
Solvit Extra Large Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramp
Product ID : RF 62320
Now your pet can go anywhere, no matter how high.
Sport Wagon Black Label Pet Bag
Product ID : RF PE-SWB BL
It has large rear, front and sides pockets, wide top opening, safety leash...
Sport Wagon Pet Bag
Product ID : RF PE-SWB
Can be opened or closed from inside with an easy Velcro lock.
SZ ATV Pet Seat and Carrier
Product ID : SZ 86000
SZ OutlastĀ® Dog Bed Sleep System 5"
SZ Item#: 95567, 95569, 95570, 95571, 95572, 95573, 95574, 95575, 95577,...
Dog Kennel Universal Roof
Product ID : RF HKA11-12074
It's no fun wearing a fur coat all summer.
Pet Training Crate
Product ID : RF 94603
The double tops open outward for easy pet access and the plastic base removes...
PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Radio Fence
Product ID : RF IRF-300D
Solve frustrating pet problems with expert ease!
PetStop Emperor Rings Hallway Dog Gate
Product ID : RF DG2L
Easy to install and move from one room to the next.
Polka Dog Gate
Product ID : RF DG12
Sold in 2 panel sets, additional panels can be added indefinitely to block...
Sport Pet Stroller
Product ID : RF PZ-S610
Machine washable padding.
SZ Snoozer Luxury Corner Pet Bed
SZ Item#: 23048, 23049, 23050, 23051, 23052, 23055, 23056, 23059, 23060,...
2 Way Door Pet Pen
Product ID : RF 94166
Looks great in any home.
Big Dog 3 Step Value Line Dog Steps
Constructed from OSB and needle punch carpet.
Medium Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate
Product ID : RF 94189
Fits doorway and hallway openings from 61.8" to 90.2" wide!
Mr Herzhers Decorative Pet Bed
Product ID : RF S-12202
Constructed of a durable steel frame wrapped in a tasteful dark brown resin...
PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Dog Fence Collar
Product ID : RF PIF00-12918
Can be used to add additional dogs to your current fence system.
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