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Everything you need to feed and water your flocks....

Feeders/ Waterers

At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you a selection of great quality and great prices all rolled into one. Whether your looking for A singlequantity feeder, or something for your entire flock- here at Double R- you can feel comfortable buying from people who care!

Pkg. 10 Plastic T Connectors 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/4”
Product ID : GQF 4067
For use with 1/2'' hose or tubing when you need to run a hose to another pen.
Plastic Base With Jar 1 Gal.
Product ID : LR 910-047 350-019
Plastic Base With Jar 1 Gal. - 910-047 Plastic Base Only - 350-019
Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder
Product ID : LG F3WA
PVC Adapter
Product ID : GQF 4096
Used to attach 1/2” PVC pipe with 4087 Pipe Brackets installed to the No....
PVC Trough
9" Long PVC Trough - 910-049 19" Long PVC Trough - 910-050 29" Long PVC...
Quick Coupler For 1/4" Tubing Pkg 2
Product ID : GQF 4517
Quick Coupler For 1/4" Tubing
Shut Off Clamps for 1/4” & 5/16” Tubing - Pkg 5
Product ID : GQF 4518
Pkg. 5 Shut Off Clamps For 1/4'' & 5/16'' Tubing
Valve Inserts for 4006 Drinker/Pkg 5 Valve Inserts
Product ID : GQF 4071
Valve Inserts for 4006 drinker
Water Tank Hose Barb Kit
Product ID : GQF 4030
GQF 4030 Water Tank Hose Barb
2 Gallon Double Wall
Product ID : LG 9832WA
Brower Hanging Feeder & Cover
Product ID : BUSA HF
Brower Hanging Feeder & Cover 16lb Brower Hanging Feeder & Cover 30lb
Brower Trough Waterer Float Valve Replacement
Product ID : BUSA UFV600
Brower Trough Waterer Float Valve Replacement.
Cage Brackets For Drink Cup
Product ID : GQF 4084
Clips to wire of cages, or the screw holes in bracket permits mounting to...
Cage Cup 1 Quart (Pack of 12)
Product ID : KH CUP-Q
This heavy duty plastic feed and water cup can be attached to all sized wire...
Chick Feeder and Jar Waterer
Product ID : GQF 5001
Our Chick Feeder for Quail, Chukar, Pheasant, etc. prevents the contamination...
Drink Cups For Breeding Pens
Product ID : GQF 4085
A system with one or two cups or a large system using up to 210 cups.
Float Valve for PVC Trough
Product ID : GQF 0341
Make your own automatic equipment by using this reliable valve in your own...
Little Giant Poultry Feeders
Product ID : LG HFWA
Low Pressure Tubing
Product ID : GQF 4028
This inexpensive tubing is ideal for low pressure systems.
Plastic Base With Tall Jar 1 Gal.
Product ID : LR 920-012
Plastic Base With Tall Jar 1 Gal. 920-012
Plastic Chick Waterer Jar Only
Product ID : GQF 4464
New All Plastic Water Fount for Quail and Pheasants chicks
Plastic Feed & Water Troughs
Product ID : GQF 6030
Used on outside of breeding and grow off pens.
Plastic Trough For GQF 0534 Brooder (Set of 3)
Product ID : GQF 0542
Hangs on poultry panels for feed and water.
Plastic Tube Feeder 22lb.
Product ID : GQF 5051
Plastic feeder with built in anti scratch vains to curtail the waste of feed.
Poly Tip-Over Founts
Product ID : BUSA xgf
Poly Tip-Over Fount 3.5 Gal. - 3GF Poly Tip-Over Fount 3.5 Gal. Top Only -...
3 Gallon Waterer w/ Snap On Base
Product ID : GQF 4482
This waterer has a snap on base for quick fill up and easy cleaning!
50lb Hanging Feeder (Pack of 2)
Product ID : KH HF-50G-2
Range Feeder combines quality and durabily to offer by far the best large...
All Poly Top Fill 4 Gal Dura-Fount
Product ID : BUSA 4GF 4GFBK
All Poly Top Fill 4 Gal Dura-Fount - 4GF All Poly Top Fill 4 Gal Dura-Fount...
Automatic Water Trough
Product ID : GQF 4317
Attach to water faucet, turn water on -plastic float with brass valve...
Brower Poly Feeder With Grill Small
Product ID : BUSA FG105/50
Brower Poly Feeder With Grill Small.
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