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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Home & Kithcen" products. Whether you are in need of a basket for storage, a bed spread or kitchen tools, we have just the products for you. From bookshelves to large capacity automotive storage, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

Omega BMJ330 Big Mouth Juicer
Product ID : AB BMJ330
The Big Mouth is not only powerful, but has a stylish and attractive finish...
Choisons 4" Paring Knife
Choisons Original Series 4” Paring Knife is the perfect knife for small...
Choisons 5" Utility Knife
Product ID : AB Choisons 5"
Choisons Original Series 5” Utility Knife is the perfect knife to cut,...
Choisons 6" Original Chef's Knife
Product ID : AB Choisons 6" Chef
Choisons Original Series 6” Chef’s Knife is the most versatile knife for...
Choisons 6" Original Serrated Knife
Product ID : AB Choisons 6" Serrated
Choisons Original Series 6” Serrated Knife lets you slice soft-skinned...
Easy Green Sprouter
Product ID : AB Easy Green
The newest design for starting virtually every sproutable seed.
GooD4U Teflon Sheets for Dehydrator
Product ID : AB G4U Teflon Sheets
PTFE Non Stick sheets to be used when dehydrating small food such seeds or...
Samson GB 9001 Ice Shaver / Veggie Slicer Attatchment
Product ID : AB GB ICE
Samson 6 in 1 Juicer
Product ID : AB GB9001
"Samson" 6 in 1 GB 9001 The versatile "Samson" is six machines in one! Now...
Samson Advance HD Juicer
Product ID : AB GB9003
The new Samson Advanced series of juicers incorporates newer, studier and...
Healthy Juicer Manual Lexan Juicer( case of 8)
Product ID : AB HJLJ
Do not be misled by the low price of the Healthyjuicer. All parts of the...
Hawo's Novum Grain Mill
Product ID : AB HM NOBE
Hawo's grain mills are products with a long lifetime. They are the result of...
Hawo's Mill 1 Grain Mill
Product ID : AB HM-MILL
A good mill will work for many, many years. It should be designed to remain...
Hawo's Octagon Grain Mill
Product ID : AB HM-OCTA
Hawo's grain mills are products with a long lifetime. They are the result of...
Green Power 1304 and 1304HG
Product ID : AB KPE1304 1304HG
This is a Multi-function juicer in that it superbly juices both vegetable and...
Mini-Classic II Distiller
Mini-Classic II Steam Distiller by Pure Water
Miracle Rice Cooker
Product ID : AB ME81
ME81 cooks rice automatically and then switches to “warm
Miracle Manual Juicer
Product ID : AB MJ445
The unit is excellent for grass and all leafy greens, parsley, apples,...
Miracle Green Machine Wheatgrass Juicer
Product ID : AB MJ575
The Miracle Pro green Machine Juicer is the fantastic, brand-new, electric...
Product ID : AB ML10
Extract 100% pure, delicious juice from fruits and berries and steam cook...
Omega 02 Juicer
Product ID : AB OM02
The Omega Model 02 is Omega's NEW low cost Pulp Ejector style continuous Juicer.
Omega 1000 Juicer
Product ID : AB OM1000
The Omega Model 1000 and Omega 500 are both designed using Centrifugal Juice...
Omega 4000 Juicer
Product ID : AB OM4000
The Model 4000 is stylish, durable, dependable, efficient and very easy to...
Omega 8003 and 8005 Juicers
Product ID : AB OM8003 8005
This unit is a "multiple use" appliance that actually does all of its uses...
Omega 8004 and 8006 Juicers
Product ID : AB OM8004 8006
Designed and engineered for health-conscious individuals who want a greater...
Omega 9000 Juicer
Product ID : AB OM9000
The Omega Model 9000 is designed using Centrifugal Juice Extraction.
Nut Milk Bag (pk of 10)
Product ID : AB PJPNMB
Make your own RAW "milk" of any nut or seed you like!
Steam Pure Distiller
Product ID : AB SteamPure
SteamPure Stainless Steel Counter Top Water Distiller
Call for price
Citri Star Citrus Juicer
Product ID : AB TRB CS1000
CitriStar™, the quiet yet powerful citrus pro can start you on your way to...
Tribest GoLife Yogurt starter 12g (6 pkts)
Using Yolife Yogurt starter in your Yolife Yogurt Maker gives you fresh,...
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