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Everything you need from a-z for your egg care.

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Egg Production

At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Egg Production, Collection, & Cleaning" products for your egg operation. Whether you are a backyard farmer with a small flock to tend or a large scale farmer in need of high quality equipment your operation, we have what you are looking for at Double R Country Store.

Brower Foam Egg Carton
Product ID : BUSA 48258
Brower Foam Egg Carton.
Brower Plastic Nest Eggs - 1 Dozen
Product ID : BUSA 341
Brower Plastic Nest Eggs - 1 Dozen.
Brower Plastic Nest Eggs - 60 Dozen w/ Carton
Product ID : BUSA 341DZCN
Brower Plastic Nest Eggs - 60 Dozen in Cartons.
Brower Small Bird Plastic Threaded Base
Product ID : BUSA 75
Brower Small Bird Plastic Threaded Base.
BGB Incubation Disinfectant
Product ID : BGB D100
BGB Item#: D100 Incubation Disinfectant
Chicken Egg Carton
Product ID : GQF 0203
GQF 0203 Chicken Egg Carton
Chicken Egg Flats
Product ID : LR 350-040
Chicken Egg Flats Holds 30 Eggs.
Chukar Egg Trays Paper Mache Pk of 10
Product ID : GQF 0229
These trays are ideal for use as Incubator Egg Positioners when holes are cut...
Fresh Eggs Sign
Product ID : MPC RFE
Finally back in stock!
Plastic Coated Flat Rack
Product ID : KH LR5A
This rack will work for both 30-egg chicken egg trays and 20-egg.
15 Dozen Egg Case
Product ID : KH EGG-15
The Kuhl EGG-15 is ideal for commercial and retail use.
30 Doz. Egg Case
Product ID : KH EGG-30
This allows for the total transport of 360 eggs per case.
Free Range Eggs For Sale-sign
Product ID : MPC FRE
Rust-Proof. Can be used outdoors or indoors.
Fresh Eggs Sign
Product ID : MPC FE
Catch the eyes of drivers by with this heavy-duty metal sign.
Kuhl Hanging Feeder Cover (Pack of 12)
Product ID : KH C6P-12
Can be utilized for both plastic and metal hanging feeders.
Nature's Odor Eliminator
Product ID : GQF 5178
Mix 4 ounces Natures Odor Eliminator in one gallon water and spray litter and...
Plastic Watering Base w/ 1 Gal. Jar
Product ID : LR 920-011
Waterer Plastic Base 1 Gal.

We hope you enjoy the product selection in our Egg Production, Collection, & Cleaning section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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