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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Poultry, Gamebird, & Waterfowl Supplies" for home and farm. Whether you are into raising poultry in your backyard and want to produce your own food or a farmer raising a flock of gamebirds, we have the products for you. From nestboxes and roll-around pens to poly drinkers and waterers, and from debeakers and cauterizers to pluckers and pickers, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

brinsea TLC 40/50 Advance Humidity Pump
Product ID : BGB TLC HP
BGB Item#: TLC HP TLC 40/50 Advance Humidity Pump
Our Complete Starter Kit For Incubation and Brooding
Ova Easy Humidity Pump
Product ID : BGB OEHP
BGB OEHP Ova Easy Humidity Pump
P&I 12 Egg Incubator from Pine Ridge
Product ID : PR PI12
12 Egg Autoturn Incubator for Large Tropicals, Quail, Chicken, Waterfowl
Pine Ridge 36 Egg Incubator
Product ID : PR 36EGG
36 egg digital, self-turning, poultry incubator w/ free candler
Product is out of stock
Pine Ridge 48 Egg Incubator
Product ID : PR 48EGG
"Pineridge 48"- 48 Egg Digital & Automatic Turning Incubator, Digital Display...
Product is out of stock
Chick-N-Hutch, Chicken Hutch by Ware
Product ID : WRE01490-phi
Hungry Man Special
Provides both meat and eggs for your family.
Product is out of stock
Complete Pullorum Testing Unit
Product ID : KH K-3010
Easier use, as well as, greater efficiency when testing for pullorum.
20 Egg- Stiff Material Tray (50 Pack)
Product ID : KH HB-20
KH HB-20 20 Egg- Stiff Material Tray (40 Pack)
Kuhl Plastic Handle Fowl Catcher (Pack of 12)
Product ID : KH PFC-1
The most ideal fowl catcher ever produced.
Kuhl Right Capacity 124 Phesant Egg Tray (Pack of 25)
Product ID : KH KRC-124
Quail Egg Tray holds 124 quail eggs.
AT1 Turn-X Turner
Product ID : LR 900-120 900-121
AT1 Turn-X Turner 120V - 900-120 AT1 Turn-X Turner 230V - 900-121
AT3 Turner
Product ID : LR 900-124 900-125
AT3 Turner 120V - 900-124 AT3 Turner 230V - 900-125
Brower Caster Base & Multiple Outlet Panel
Product ID : BUSA CQB600
Brower Caster Base & Multiple Outlet Panel.
Brower Electric Unit for MF30 ML30 MH30
Product ID : BUSA HE1031A
Brower Replacement Electric Unit for MF30, ML30, and MH30.
Brower Four Bulb Brooder
Product ID : BUSA UA4T
Model UA4T Four-Bulb Brooder(bulbs not included).
Complete Hova-Bator Economy Hatching System
Product ID : GQF 11200-ECON
Complete Hova-Bator Economy Hatching System: Incubator & Auto Egg Turner -...
EG Caster Base for Battery Brooder
Product ID : EG P004
EG Item#: P004 Caster Base for Battery Brooder
Extra High Poultry Turkey or Duck Coops
Product ID : KH COOP-15
Kuhl introduces this new supersized coop ideal for turkey, duck and very...
GQF Hova-Bator Turbo Fan Picture Window Incubator
Product ID : GQF 1583
Top has a large clear plastic window for best viewing of the incubation and...
Knase Multiple Bird Shackle
Product ID : KN SH5
Knase Model SH5 Multiple Bird Shackle.
10 Cup Drink Cup Kit Waterer w/ Pressure Valve
Product ID : GQF 4083/4090
GQF 4083 10 Cup Drink Cup Kit Waterer w/ Pressure Valve
Product is out of stock
48-Egg Chick Master Incubator Tray (Pack of 36)
Product ID : KH CM-48-8
Replacement plastic egg trays.
Kuhl Hanging Feeder w/ Cover (Pack of 12)
Product ID : KH HF-40
Can be hung and raised as the birds mature.
Kuhl Super CD Detergent 50lb
Product ID : KH CD-50
Super CD Detergent will give excellent results.
Gear Motor 23RPM
Product ID : LR 320-002 320-003
Gear Motor 23RPM 120V - 320-002 Gear Motor 23RPM 230V - 320-003
Gear Motor 33RPM
Product ID : LR 320-004 320-005-1
Gear Motor 33RPM 120V - 320-004 Gear Motor 33RPM 230V - 320-005-1
GQF Hova-Bator with 24 Bobwhite Eggs and Turner
Product ID : GQF 0716
This thermal air flow also assists the drying of the chicks after they hatch.
Super Beak Trimmer Transformer
Product ID : LR 480-002 480-003
Super Beak Trimmer Transformer 120V - 480-002 Super Beak Trimmer Transformer...
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We hope you enjoy the product selection in our Poultry, Gamebird, & Waterfowl section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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