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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Poultry, Gamebird, & Waterfowl Supplies" for home and farm. Whether you are into raising poultry in your backyard and want to produce your own food or a farmer raising a flock of gamebirds, we have the products for you. From nestboxes and roll-around pens to poly drinkers and waterers, and from debeakers and cauterizers to pluckers and pickers, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

Churchill Chicken Coop
Product ID : BGBCCC
Knase HR-PS Poly Bag Stapler
Product ID : KN 90107
The Max Packner will provide your customers with a sanitary, attractive and...
Brower Debeaker / Cauterizer
Product ID : BUSA 95088 95089
Debeaker / Cauterizer 120V - 95088 Debeaker / Cauterizer 230V - 95089...
Brower Bleed Rack
Product ID : BUSA BR48
Bleed Rack Only. No Cones, Tank or Bracket.
Brower Offal Cart
Brower Offal Cart
EG Small Yard Shelter w/ Feeder & Nest Boxes
Product ID : EG P551H
EG Item#: P551H Small Yard Shelter w/ Feeder & Nest Boxes
EG Small Yard Standard Shelter
Product ID : EG P511H
EG Item#: P511H Small Yard Standard Shelter
Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker
Product ID : KN HPJ HPJ-M
Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker Non-Motor - HPJ Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker With 1/3hp...
R-Com Pro 20D W/ USB
Product ID : LR 920-111
The RCOM PRO20 USB has all of the same features as the model 920-108 & model...
Brinsea TLC-40/50 Parrot Brooders
BGB Item#: TLC BROOD TLC-40/50 Eco/Advance Parrot Brooders
EG Brooder & Grow-Off Unit Combo
Product ID : EG P471
EG Item#: P454 Brooder & Grow-Off Unit Combo
EG Standard Poultry Shelter
Product ID : EG P511
EG Item#: P511 Poultry Shelter
Knase HOM-PIK Picker
Product ID : KN HPD HPD-M
Knase HOM-PIK Picker No Motor - HPD Knase HOM-PIK Picker 1/2hp Motor - HPD-M
15 Section Quail Battery Breeding Pens Complete
Product ID : GQF 0315
Universities and Georgia Quail Farm has proven results of these new improved,...
Brower PVC Pastured Poultry Pen
Product ID : BUSA PPP10X12X3
PVC is high impact, UV inhibited.
GQF Professional Hatcher (sportsman Line)
Product ID : GQF 1550
R-Com 50 Standard Incubator
Product ID : LR 920-131
Ideal for small numbers of eggs where incubation control is essential for...
RX2 Incubator W/ 10-Turn Control
Product ID : LR 910-063 063A 064 064A
RX2 Manual Incubator 120V - 910-063 RX2 Auto Incubator 120V - 910-063A RX2...
Classic GQF Model 1202E Sportsman Cabinet Incubator
Product ID : GQF 1202E
The 1202A Sportsman is an improved version of GQF’s proven 1202 standard...
Brower Jumbo Animal and Bird Feeder
Product ID : BUSA JABF800
Jumbo Animal and Bird Feeder
GQF Start & Grow Brooder "Set Up"
Product ID : GQF 0703
A combination of a heated, thermostatically controlled poultry brooder and...
Kuhl Super CD Detergent 350lb
Product ID : KH CD-350
Super CD Detergent will give excellent results.
Trap Nest Frontfor Standard Size Nest Boxes (Pack of 35)
Product ID : KH 400 TRAP
Trap nest front for standarad size laying nests.
Gambrel Barn Run Chicken Coop
Double R Country Store has the finest chicken coops around at the lowest...
GQF Professional Incubator (Sportsman Line)
Product ID : GQF 1500
This incubator only has to maintain one humidity setting making it easier on...
RX2 Ten-Turn Control W/ Roller Kit
Product ID : LR 910-150 150A 151 151A
RX2 120V Manual Ten-Turn Control W/ Roller Kit 910-150 RX2 120V Auto...
Peeco #46 Vacuum Lift
Product ID : KH PEECO-46
Units greatly reduce labor costs and significantly increase productivity.
GQF Sportsman Cabinet Incubator
Hot Deal
Product ID : GQF 1502
The No. 1502 SPORTSMAN incubator offers an accurate digital thermostat with...
BGB Churchill Chicken Coop
BGB Item#: CHURCHILLCOOP Churchill Chicken Coop
Kuhl Humidifying System
Product ID : KH HUM-514A HUM-516A
Humidifying System

We hope you enjoy the product selection in our Poultry, Gamebird, & Waterfowl section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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