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Swan & Crane

Swan & Crane

At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the best possible products at the best possible prices. In this category you will find "Swan & Crane". Whether you are a backyard farmer or just looking for a unique pet, we have what you want. From, juvenile to yearling and beyond you will find everything you're looking for at Double R Country Store.

All from NPIP certified hatcheries! Please note that we do not ship chicks or hatching eggs to Hawaii or out of the United States.

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Live chicks & fertile eggs are shipped to United States ONLY via United States Postal Service.
You will need to supply us with an accurate United States Postal Service shipping address as well as your daytime telephone number. Please contact your postmaster when you order to determine if they will ship to your address or if arrangements must be made by you to pick them up at the Post Office. We guarantee 100% live delivery of poultry paid for. Please examine the poultry at time of delivery to be sure they arrived in good condition. If the shipment arrived in poor condition, immediately notify us by phone and notify your postmaster immediately and accomplish postal form 1000. Notifying us and the postmaster and the form 1000 are BOTH required! We must be notifed BY PHONE within 3 calendar days of the chicks arrival of ANY delivery problems, should they occur. Additionally, we guarantee 90% sexing accuracy. If greater than 10% males are received in an all pullet order, we will refund the difference or credit a future order.
We cannot be held liable for eggs which spoil due to them being shipped back to us as a result of an inaccurate shipping address or by errors caused by a miscommunication between the buyer and the Post Office.

SPECIAL HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS: Live poultry can be a source of potentially harmful mirco-organisms; therefore, precautions should always be taken when handling & caring for them to prevent fecal/oral transmission among people!  Always wash your hands well after handling birds, their equipment and poultry manure. Do not kiss or nuzzle any of your birds. Keep birds outside, away from human habitation and food preparation areas. Always supervise young children around birds, making sure they wash their hands well.

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  • Phone: 321-837-1625
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