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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Pet" products. Whether you are in need of a replacement battery for your bark control items or a feeding system, we have just the products for you. From heated waterers to large capacity feed storage, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.
Arbor Double Diner Raised Feeder
Product ID : RF RDB27
The simple, yet elegant design of this raised dog feeder will go with any...
Arbor Double Diner Raised Feeder
Product ID : RF RDB3
Unique dog bone design makes this elevated dog bowl a welcomed edition.
Baron Heavy Duty Raised Dog Bowl
Product ID : RF RSB13
Comfortable feeder height promotes better posture and aids digestion.
Big Shrimpy Basic Dog Bed Covers
Product ID : RF BS-4380
Did your dog get rowdy with his bed? Or is his bed looking tired after many,...
Big Shrimpy Nest Dog Bed Covers
Product ID : RF BS-3376
All replacement covers have the same warranty as the complete bed.
Bitty Bag Pet Carrier
Product ID : RF PE-BIBA
A Cute pet carrier bag in checkered-stitching, coffee suede and orange nylon...
Bolster Pet Couch
Product ID : RF KH-7311
The Bolster Pet Couch is made from luxurious microsuede.
Butterfly Elevated Pet Feeder
Product ID : RF RDB7
Non-skid plastic feet on legs.
Chariot Elevated Dog Bowls
Product ID : RF RDB19
Featuring sleek rectangle design, angle iron legs, crystal non-skid plastic...
Cuddle Cube Dog Bed
Product ID : RF KH-7501
The cover zips off for easy machine wash and care.
Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain
Product ID : RF DOGC
Let The Big Dogs Drink!
Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control - 3pk
Product ID : FL
A broad-spectrum insecticide that disrupts the central nervous system of...
Heavy Duty Pet Fence Boundary Wire 1,000 Feet
Product ID : RF RFA-1K
Enough wire to enclose 1 acre.
Hooded Lounge Sleeper
Product ID : RF KH-7600
The pillow is removable and has a zipper for easy machine washing.
HoundAbout Medium Bicycle Trailer Pet Stroller Kit
Product ID : RF 62342
Want to go on a long walk or jog, but not sure your pet can make it all the way?
Igloo Style Soft Heated Bed
Product ID : RF KH-1033
Perfect for dog houses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any...
Isosceles Low Raise Double Diner
Product ID : RF RDB10
Convenient option for dog owners who want to keep food and water separate.
Majestic 27 Inch Bungalow Cat Tree
Product ID : RF MP-8041
Covered in elegant Faux Sheepskin with Sisal Rope wrapped posts.
Majestic 27 Inch Casita Cat Tree
Product ID : RF MP-8040
Covered in elegant honey colored Faux Fur with Sisal Rope wrapped posts.
Majestic 30 Inch Kitty Cat Tree Perch
Product ID : RF MP-8201
Features a dangly toy for your cat or kittens pleasure.
Majestic Pet Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed
Product ID : RF MP-5140
Cleaning is super easy - just unzip the cover and throw it into your washing...
Majesty Double Raised Dog Feeder
Product ID : RF RDB12
Elevated dog bowls are a necessity to your pet's health.
Marsupack Black Label Pet Carrier
Product ID : RF PE-MARS BL
Features claw-proof front and side windows and a safety leash to prevent your...
Mr. Herzher's Smart Dog Ramp Jr
Product ID : RF 16020
Pets will feel truly safe on Smart Ramp Jr.
Parallel 2.5 Gallon Designer Glass Aquarium
Product ID : RF WW100
Glass Aquarium combines function, features and beauty in one complete kit.
PetSafe Deluxe Citronella Anti Bark Collar
Product ID : RF PBC00-12104
Helps stop unwanted barking.
PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Dog Fence Collar
Product ID : RF PUL-275
Perfect for any pet!
PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier Extra Transmitter
Product ID : RF RFA-378
Allows you to safeguard additional outdoor areas.
PetSafe Wall Dog Door
Product ID : RF PPA11-10915
Easy to install, do-it-yourself pet door for your wall.
Prevue 8 Panel Pet Playpen
Product ID : RF PP-40094
Removable pan slides out quickly for easy cleaning.
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