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At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Pet" products. Whether you are in need of a replacement battery for your bark control items or a feeding system, we have just the products for you. From heated waterers to large capacity feed storage, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.
3 Volt Lithium Battery - 2 Pack
Product ID : RF RFA-35
This battery was also used in previous models of the Ultralight Dog Fence...
9 Volt Battery - 2 Pack
Product ID : RF RFA-9V
You will receive two (2) batteries for the price of one!
Brower Nipple Waterer
Product ID : BUSA WN3
Brower Nipple Waterer.
Pet Fence Direct Burial Splice
Product ID : RF 3M-316
Creates a waterproof splice.
Skratchkabin Cat Bed Cat Scratcher
Product ID : BGBSC
Stock Waterer-Galv.
Product ID : lg 88sw
3 Volt Replacement Battery
Product ID : RF RFA-188
Features a patented waterproof design and a long shelf life.
6 Volt Alkaline Battery
Product ID : RF RFA-18-11
Features and a long shelf life.
6 Volt Battery Module - 2 Pack
Product ID : RF RFA-67D-11
Feature a patented waterproof design and a long shelf life.
Brower Plastic Feed Scoop 4qt
Brower Plastic Feed Scoop 4qt.
Citronella Spray Refill
Product ID : RF PAC19-12069
Refills for Spray Bark Collars
Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain Filters
Product ID : RF PAC00-13069
Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters (3-Pack).
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Filters
Product ID : RF PAC00-13067
More charcoal is added to maximize water filtration.
Heavy Duty Pet Fence Boundary Flags
Product ID : RF RFA-2
Can be used for any brand of underground pet fence
Pet Fence Staples
Product ID : RF SS-100
Avoid The Back Breaking Task of Burying Wire.
PetSafe Deluxe Locking Cat Flap
Product ID : RF P1-4W-11
Let your cat pass through any interior door.
PetSafe FlexContact Flexible Contact Points
Product ID : RF PAC00-12122
PetSafe FlexContact actually flexes with your dog's movements.
PetSafe Pet Fence Boundary Flags
Product ID : RF PSRFA-2
Used as a visual aid for your pet.
Staywell Cat Door Tunnel Extension
Product ID : RF 310US
Designed for Staywell cat doors adding an extra 1-7/8 inches
Staywell Extra Collar Key With Collar
Product ID : RF PAC11-12277
Add more pets to your Staywell Magnetic Cat Door.
SV Item#: 50000, 50001, 50002, and 50003 REFLECTIVE PET SAFETY VEST
Unscented Spray Refills
Product ID : RF PAC19-11883
Unscented Spray Refills for Spray Bark Collars, Remote Training Collars and...
Clean Living Small Animal Playpen Cover
Product ID : RF W-02075
It will make clean up one hundred percent easier and more sanitary.
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Additional Capacity Reservoir
Product ID : RF RACB
Keep your fountain filled twice as long!
Hinged Leg Elevated Pet Feeder
Product ID : RF PR-70684
Does your dog paddle in his water bowl? Does he make a mess with his food?
Igloo Heated Pad Cover
Product ID : RF KH-1031
The soft weave of the Igloo Heated Pad Cover allows the warmth to radiate...
Nature's Art Betta Fish Tank
Product ID : RF 1186
Features a removable hood with feeding hole plus stylish stand.
PetSafe Pet Screen Door
Product ID : RF P1-ZB-11
Your furry friend loves to come and go at will.
PetSafe Plastic Dog Doors
Product ID : RF PPA00-10958
Gives you and your pet the freedom you both deserve.
PetSafe SmartKey
Product ID : RF PAC11-11045
Lightweight and perfect for any size pet.
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