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Processing, Debeaking & Cauterizing

Poultry Processing

At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today but with the quality and functionality of the products of yester-year. In this category you will find "Processing Items". From pluckers to scalders and all the tools of the trade, we have the products for you at Double R Country Store.

Knase Bag Tape Closing Machine
Product ID : KN SHI-11282
Knase Bag Tape Closing Machine - SHI-11282 Tape 3/8" x 60yd. - SHI-10244
Knase HR-PS Poly Bag Stapler
Product ID : KN 90107
The Max Packner will provide your customers with a sanitary, attractive and...
Knase Plastic Bags for Max Packner
Product ID : KN A64376 A2651
100 Count Plastic Bags for Knase Max Packner Stapler Knase Plastic Bags -...
Brower Debeaker / Cauterizer
Product ID : BUSA 95088 95089
Debeaker / Cauterizer 120V - 95088 Debeaker / Cauterizer 230V - 95089...
Super Debeaker Carriage
Product ID : LR 110-060A
Super Debeaker Carriage.
Brower Bleed Rack
Product ID : BUSA BR48
Bleed Rack Only. No Cones, Tank or Bracket.
Brower Offal Cart
Brower Offal Cart
Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker
Product ID : KN HPJ HPJ-M
Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker Non-Motor - HPJ Knase HOM-PIK JR. Picker With 1/3hp...
Knase Tabletop Picker / Plucker
Product ID : KN TTJ
Knase Tabletop Picker / Plucker Non-Motor - TTJ Knase Tabletop Picker /...
Lyon Super Beak Trimmer
Product ID : LR 950-088 950-089
Super Beak Trimmer 120V - 950-088 Super Beak Trimmer 230V - 950-089
Knase HOM-PIK Picker
Product ID : KN HPD HPD-M
Knase HOM-PIK Picker No Motor - HPD Knase HOM-PIK Picker 1/2hp Motor - HPD-M
Pow-R-Pak Power Unit Hen Cam
Product ID : LR 900-132 900-133
Hen Cam Pow-R-Pak 120V No Control - 900-132NC Hen Cam Pow-R-Pak 120V Touch...
Pow-R-Pak Power Unit Precision Cam
Product ID : LR 900-130 900-131
Pow-R-Pak 120V No Control - 900-130NC Pow-R-Pak 120V Touch Control -...
Toe Clipping Pow-R-Pak Power Unit Double Acting Cam
Product ID : LR 900-136 900-137
Toe Clipping Pow-R-Pak With Double Acting Cam 120V No Control - 900-136NC...
Brower Eviscerating Table
Product ID : BUSA ET
Knase Electric Stunning Knife w/ Glove
Product ID : KN SKVS
Knase Model SKVS Electric Stunning Knife w/ Insulated Glove.
Knase SS Dunkmaster for AS60 Scalder
Product ID : KN AD
Knase Stainless Steel Dunkmaster for Model AS60 Scalder.
Knase SS Eviscerating Table
Product ID : KN ET4
Knase Model ET4 Stainless Steel Eviscerating Table (for 4-6 Operators).
Knase SS Killing / Bleeding Cabinet
Product ID : KN KTCS
Knase Model KTCS Stainless Steel Killing / Bleeding Cabinet.
Knase SS Scalder 60 Gal. w/ Auto Controls
Product ID : KN AS60
Knase Stainless Steel 60 Gallon Scalder w/ Auto Controls
Brower Galvanized Economy Gas Scalder
Product ID : BUSA BM38
Brower Model BM38 Economy Gas Scalder.
Brower Galvanized Economy Gas Scalder Large
Product ID : BUSA BM60
Brower Model BM60 Economy Gas Scalder Large.
Brower Home Picker
Product ID : BUSA HPJR
Leg Mounted Home Picker.
Brower Junior BatchPik Picker - Plucker
Product ID : BUSA QBP23
Brower Junior BatchPik Picker - Plucker
Brower Killing Line Conveyors
Product ID : BUSA KILL16 KILL22
Brower Killing Line Conveyors
Brower Picker Finger
Product ID : BUSA T1
Used in most manual and semi-automatic picker centrifuges and feather exhausts.
Brower Table Top Home Picker
Product ID : BUSA HPTT
Table Top Home Picker.
Brower Utility Picker - Plucker
Product ID : BUSA BP25SS
Pick 3-6 Pastured Broilers or 1-2 Turkeys in 30 Seconds!
Knase Master D Picker / Plucker
Product ID : KN MD
Knase Master D Picker / Plucker
Knase Spin-Pik Jr, w/ Loading Tables
Product ID : KN SPJ3
Knase Spin-Pik Jr. Batch Picker with Loading Tables.

We hope you enjoy the product selection in our Processing Items section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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