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Seed, Pellets, & Treats

Seed, Pellets, & Treats

At Double R Country Store we strive to bring you the top products available today. In this category you will find "Seed, Pellets, & Treats" for your birdies. With a wide selection of products with many sizes and styles to choose from you will be sure to find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

Spray Millet
Product ID : 60021-LF
Organically grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
5 lbs Dehydrated Banana Chips
Product ID : HI 6112-LF
5 lbs Dehydrated Papaya
Product ID : HI 6113-LF
5 lbs Dehydrated Pineapple
Product ID : HI 6114-LF
Product ID : HI 025201-LF
Higgins Safflower Gold For Large Hookbills
Product ID : HI 251315-LF
Safflower Gold: Large Hookbill
Higgins Safflower Gold For Small Hookbills
Product ID : HI 251254-LF
Safflower Gold: Small to Medium Hookbills
Higgins Snack Attack Small Fruit & Veggie
Product ID : HI 707089-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Fruit & Veggie Small Hookbill
Product ID : HI 302031-LF
Mayan Harvest: Celestial Blend
Pretty Bird African Special
Product ID : PB 73313-PB
African Special 3 lb
Pretty Bird Daily Select LARGE
Product ID : PB 73118-PB
Daily Select Large 3lb
Pretty Bird Daily Select MEDIUM
Product ID : PB 73117-PB
Daily Select Medium 3lb
Pretty Bird Daily Select MINI
Product ID : PB 73115-PB
Daily Select Mini 5lb
Pretty Bird Daily Select SMALL
Product ID : PB 73116-PB
Daily Select Small 2 lb
Pretty Bird Eclectus Special
Product ID : PB 73318-PB
Eclectus Special 3lb
Pretty Bird Hi-Pro Amazon and Cockatoo
Product ID : PB 73311-PB
Hi-Pro Special 3lb
Pretty Bird Lory Special
Product ID : PB 73315-PB
Lory Special 3lb
Pretty Bird Macaw Hi-Energy
Product ID : PB 73310-PB
Hi-Energy Macaw Special 3lb
Pretty Bird Natural Gold MEDIUM
Product ID : PB 743019-PB
Natural Gold Medium for Birds 2.6lb
Pretty Bird Natural Gold SMALL
Product ID : PB 74308-PB
Natural Gold Small for Birds 1.5lb
Pretty Bird Weaning Food
Product ID : PB 73316-PB
Weaning Food 2lb
Snack Attack Boca Mixed Nuts Shelled
Product ID : HI 707034-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Boca Nuts (shelled)
Snack Attack Boca Nuts
Product ID : HI 707041-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Boca Nuts
Snack Attack Fruit to Nuts
Product ID : HI 707027-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Fruit to Nuts
Snack Attack Large Fruit & Veggie
Product ID : HI 707065-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Fruit & Veggie Large Hookbill
Snack Attack Nuts & Peppers
Product ID : HI 707058-LF
Snack Attack Treats: Nuts & Peppers
Snack Attack True Fruits
Product ID : HI 707010-LF
Snack Attack Treats: True Fruits
Sunburst Small Hookbill
Product ID : HI 251021-LF
Sunburst Gourmet: For Small Hookbill
Vita Seed Canary
Product ID : HI 251070-LF
Nederlands Vita Seed: Canary
Vita Seed Cockatiel
Product ID : HI 2551155-LF
Nederlands Vita Seed: Cockatiel

We hope you enjoy the product selection in our Seeds, Pellets, & Treats section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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