Polly's Pastels
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Price: $7.99
Product ID : AS 502PP
Weight: 1.00 lbs



 These perches are veterinarian designed to trim your birds beak and nails naturally. Non-chewable and indestructible for birds. Designed in bright colors that are attractive for birds. (Color option not available)

Size Recommendation:
Baby Small- Canaries & Finches.
Baby Medium- Parakeets & Lovebirds.
Baby Large- Conures & Cockatiels.
Small- Conures, Cockatiels & Lovebird Pairs.
Medium- Small Cockatoos,Senegals, Lories & Pionus.
Large- Congo Greys, Amazons & Eclectus.
Extra Large- Medium Cockatoos & Macaws.
Large-Long-  Greys,Amazons, & Eclectus.
King-Long-  Cockatoos & Macaws. 

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