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Double R Supply has a wide assortment of tropical bird supplies. We have over 100 cages to choose from, from great values in economy cages to deluxe cages for our feathered friends- order online and save! In this category you will find "Bird Supplies: Tropical". Whether you are an aviculturist or just looking to get into the hobby of keeping tropical birds we have the products for you. From cages to playthings, and from medication to supplements, and from breeder supplies to maintenance products, you will find everything you need at Double R Country Store.

Wire Cage Clips - 1 Lb. Bag
Product ID : LG J CLIPS
Use to assemble 14 to 16-gauge wire panels.
Vitamins Plus
Product ID : GQF 5168
GQF 5168 Vitamins Plus
Loxit/ Hog Rings
Product ID : GQF 6000
Galvanized "Loxit" rings are ideal for pen construction.
Octopus Pinata
Product ID : AS 031PPL
Made from all-natural materials and designed to be shredded.
Pinata Bird Bell
Product ID : PP 031298
Product ID : PP 031120
This toy has endless options and leaves it up to the bird owner to be creative.
Single Munchy
Product ID : AS 991162
Great toy for small to medium size birds.
Spiked Pinata
Product ID : AS 115PPL
Made from all-natural materials and designed to be shredded.
Catch Nets
Product ID : FCC NET
Helps in the recapture of those escape artists.
Polly's Pastels
Product ID : AS 502PP
These perches are designed by veterinarians.
Small Mineral Blocks
One order contains 10 blocks.
Economy Hog Ring Pliers
Product ID : KH PLIER
The handles of these pliers are plastic coated for continual use without tiring.
VetRX 2oz bottle
Product ID : GQF 5181
May be used internally by mixing one ounce to each gallon of drinking water,...
Cuddley Tent
Product ID : AS 70020
Cuddley Tents provide a soft and comfortable shelter for your bird.
Double Munchy
Product ID : AS 991179
Tiel Busy Ring
Product ID : AS 00123
Metal ring toy for birds.
Product ID : HI 025201-LF
Poop-Off Bird Cage Cleaner
Product ID : AS 00079
Removes dropings from all types of avain diets.
"My Chimes" Bird Cage Toy
Product ID : AS 00417
Give your bird their own set of chimes.
Happy Trails
Product ID : AS 507PP
Create a jungle vine in or out of your bird's cage.
Polly's Arch Swing
Product ID : AS 503PP
Birds love the natural swinging sensation.
Cuddley TeePee
Product ID : AS 70016
For birds ranging in size from finches to conures.
Triple Munchy
Product ID : AS 991186
Great toy for small to medium size birds.
Betty's Block
Product ID : AS 00419
Excellent toy for small to medium birds.
Pretty Bird Daily Select SMALL
Product ID : PB 73116-PB
Daily Select Small 2 lb
Pretty Bird Natural Gold SMALL
Product ID : PB 74308-PB
Natural Gold Small for Birds 1.5lb
The Calata-Puss
Product ID : AS 500081
Great toy for small to medium size birds.
Wheel Deal
Product ID : AS 00435
Good size toy for medium to large birds.
Kaytee Exact Formula
Product ID : Kaytee Exact Formula
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We hope you enjoy the product selection in our "Bird Supplies: Tropical" section. If there is anything you can't find please don't hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can add it to our selection or "Special Order" it for you.

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